SJCS Bagel and Set-Up Instructions

What you need to bring:

  • 10, 8-ounce packages cream cheese (get at least 8 plain, with the others flavored if you like) Please NO nuts, as there are some children with severe nut allergies.
  • 7 bottles of apple juice (64 oz each)
  • 6 dozen bagels (heavier on plain for the kids, but also some sesame, and cinnamon raisin – another favorite of the kids; some egg and onion/garlic are also good to include) Again - NO nuts.
  • 1 quart Half & Half

Use your favorite bagel source or order from The Onion Roll (6935 North Ave., Oak Park 383-2548) by Friday. Bagels can be picked up early on Sunday morning. The Onion Roll only accepts cash and checks, NOT credit cards. The Onion Roll won’t slice your bagels, but most other places will - it speeds up the process on Sunday if they slice.

Set up:

Arrive at Sunday School by 8:45 am on your bagel day. All the supplies are located in the walk in closet in the art room, just down the hall from the lunchroom, next to the room where the preschool/ kindergarten class meets. The closet is just inside the door to the right as you enter the room. There are two large plastic bins (one with bagel supplies, the other with coffee supplies), plus the coffee maker which need to be brought into the lunchroom kitchen.

  • Make the coffee
    1. Fill the coffee maker with water-up to the 42 cup line.
    2. Wet the basket before putting the coffee in to keep the grounds from sifting into the coffee.
    3. Use one bag of percolator coffee or measure out 4 cups of coffee directly into the coffee basket (no filters are needed).
    4. Place the coffee basket on top of the metal rod.
    5. Plug it in-there should be an extension cord near the end of the table. If not, please ask the custodian to locate one for you.
    6. Put out stirrers, napkins, cups, sugar and cream.
  • Cut bagels with the bagel cutter. Not all of the bagels will fit on the tray-fill up the tray, and leave the other sliced bagels in the bags to put out later. Cover the tray with a plastic tablecloth or napkins to prevent someone from sneaking a bagel during singing time, and put it in the kitchen area, not on the table. Set up the cream cheese with plastic knives on each plate in the kitchen area. Put out plates and napkins.
  • Put juice cups out and have the juice bottles in the kitchen area
  • After singing time, put out the bagels, cream cheese and juice. Replenish as needed.

Clean up:

The kitchen needs to be back in the condition you found it when you arrived. Bagels cleaned up, coffee maker emptied, rinsed out, back in the box. Make sure the sugar/sweetener are placed back into the plastic containers. Return supply boxes and coffee maker to the closet. Any leftover bagels/cream cheese/juice are yours to take home and enjoy!

Carpet Squares and Songbooks:

The custodian will bring the carpet squares and songbooks from the storage closet. Ask the kids to set up the squares and stack them up after Sunday school is over. They can also make sure the songbooks have all been put in the boxes. The custodian will put the piles of carpet squares and the boxes of songbooks away.

Note: Laura Rubenstein will be monitoring and refilling the shared supplies, like coffee and paper products. If you run out or are low on something, please let her know in person on Sunday, or email [email protected].